About Us 

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DaMinyan was founded in 2007 and began as a small Minyan with just 15 members. Since its inception, it has experienced tremendous growth, and now has over 200 congregants, making it one of the fastest growing Shules in Australia.

DaMinyan is a unique Shule that was established to fill a void felt by our youth. Specifically, DaMinyan was created to cater to young Jewish adults from all backgrounds and walks of life. It operates in a warm, accepting and inspirational environment, and aims to ensure that all of its members are imbued with a strong sense of belonging, Jewish pride and community. Combining a serious commitment to Judaism, with a social and friendly atmosphere, DaMinyan is a Shule that has made a real and lasting impact on a significant and diverse range of people. 

DaMinyan shule is run under the guidance of Rabbi Moshe Kahn togethor with his wife Dina. Moshe can be contacted at his office on 9522 8217or 0408 740 011, alternatively you can email rabbi@daminyan.com . Dina can be reached on her mobile  0425 790 238 or can you email dina@chabadyouth.org .

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