Who we are:

DaMinyan was founded in 2007, and now has over 200 congregants, making it one of the fastest growing Shules in Australia.

DaMinyan caters to young Jewish adults from all backgrounds and walks of life. It operates in a warm, accepting and inspirational environment, and aims to ensure that all of its members are imbued with a strong sense of belonging, Jewish pride and community. Combining a serious commitment to Judaism, with a social and friendly atmosphere, DaMinyan is a Shule that has made a real and lasting impact on a significant and diverse range of people. 


Weekly Shule services:

Daminyan has services Friday night and Shabbos Day, these are followed by a warm and friendly kiddush/farbrengen. 

Daminyan also has a daily Minyan for Shacharit. 

Weekly learning classes:

Daminyan offers numerous weekly learning classes for men and women, with Moshe, Dina as well as a host of other interesting speakers. 

Dina and Moshe are available any time to learn One on One with anyone interested. 



Daminyan hosts many fun and exciting events for adults and children, throughout the calendar year, mostly tied to Jewish lifecycle events, such as Tishrei, Lag Ba'Omer, Chanukah etc.